Elizabeth Maybin, President
Myndi Easter, President-Elect
Christine Hager, Executive Vice President
Ashley Warne, Recording Vice President
Tricia Seth, Finance Vice President
Candice Kendrick, Nominating Chairman
Kristin Ditto, Board Member-at-Large
Sarah Lauritzen, Sustaining Director


Rebecca Linehan, Executive Vice President
Christine Hager, Executive Vice President-Elect
Brandy Wrangham, Community Vice President
Jennifer Lopez, PR Vice President
Kelly Popino, PR Vice President-Elect
Taryn Snider, Finance Vice President-Elect
Megan Newton, Membership Placement Chairman
Heather Martin, Membership Placement Assistant Chairman
Micah Dunn, Management Member-at-Large
Meghan Yenzer, Management Member-at-Large
Julie Griffis, Webmaster
Stephanie Perry, Grantsman

LEADERSHIP TEAM (Includes Board and Management Team)

Andra Lancaster, Arrangements Chairman
Claire Compton, Face the Race Co-Chairmen
Kendall Moore, Face the Race Co-Chairmen
Allison Smith, Face the Race Assistant Co-Chairman
Maxlynn Stephens, Face the Race Assistant Co-Chairman
Tanya Bidwell, Assistant Grantsman
Leslie Whitehead, IMPACT Chairman
Carla Pearson, IMPACT Assistant Chairman
Kate Wolbert, Operations Chairman
Elizabeth Rainey, Project Research and Development Chairman
Billea Karnes, Project Research and Development Assistant Chairman
Morghan Roach, Provisional Trainer Chairman
Casandra Maher, Provisional Trainer Assistant Chairman
Diana Martin, Reading Olympics Halff Park Chairman
Katie Disher, Reading Olympics Halff Park Assistant Chairman
Mandy McCabe, Reading Olympics Taylor Park Chairman
Jamie Soto, Reading Olympics Taylor Park Assistant Chairman
Anne Reese, Shotguns and Stilettos Chairman
Katie McBryde, Shotguns and Stilettos Assistant Chairman
Elizabeth Bullard, Suits with Skills Buckner Chairman
Jenny Ware, Suits with Skills Safe Place Chairman
Elisabeth Christensen, Tumbleweed Editor
Jennifer Hurd, Tumbleweed Assistant Editor
Randis Butts, Volunteers in Midland Chairman
Elizabeth Lewis, Volunteers in Midland Assistant Chairman
Alison Cunyus, Webmaster Assistant Chairman