Second Tuesday Club

The Second Tuesday Club is a social organization for resident Sustaining members of the Junior League of Midland. Club events are held on the second Tuesday of the month from September through April at JLM headquarters, local cultural centers and member homes. The Annual Sustainer Luncheon for all JLM Sustainers is held in conjunction with the first club meeting of the year in September. All events are planned and implemented by Second Tuesday Club member volunteers. The Second Tuesday Club Program Committee meets in the spring to brainstorm program ideas and to set the schedule of events for the upcoming year. Each monthly event has two Co-Chairmen and a Hostess Committee who coordinates and hosts the month’s event. Club members volunteer for leadership and committee positions in May.

The Second Tuesday Club was created and implemented by Vicki Donnell and Helen Shelton who co-chaired the club's initial year in 2012-2013. Steering Committee members who were instrumental in the development phase of the club were Cari Chaplin, Nancy Pannell, Anita Gamertsfelder, Sarah Laurtizen, Karmen Bryant, Luanne Thornton and Jennifer Yeager.

The 2017-2018 Steering Committee:
Chairman - Monea Brown
Chairman-Elect - Debbie Van Stavern
Treasurer - Cari Chaplin
Operations Chairman - Alicia Van Husen
Program Chairman - Iris Foster
Sustaining Advisor to the Board - Sarah Lauritzen
JLM President - Elizabeth Maybin
Advisor - Vicki Donnell
Advisor - Helen Shelton


2017-2018 STC Event Calendar