COVID-19 Meeting Guidelines & Procedures

As we continue to navigate the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and recommendations continue to evolve, The Junior League of Midland, Inc. remains focused on members, community partners, staff, and the local community.


Based on Governor Abbott’s Open Texas guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (TSHS), The Junior League of Midland, Inc. (JLM) will continue current safety measures and begin implementing others.


For questions on this policy, please contact

Heather Martin

Executive Vice President


This policy will be subject to change as updates are made to COVID-19 best practices.


Effective July 14, 2020, the Junior League of Midland COVID-19 policies are as follows:

  1. Meeting Guidelines
    1. It is recommended all JLM meetings be held at Junior League of Midland Headquarters per COVID-19 meeting guidelines or via Zoom. Should committees choose to convene at member homes or in public spaces, social distancing guidelines must be followed. A virtual option must be made available to those who do not feel comfortable attending in-person events.
    2. Committee Chairs must contact Executive Vice President Heather Martin ( to schedule a Zoom meeting using the League Zoom account. Chairs can verify account availability by using the Zoom calendar on Digital Cheetah. Personal Zoom accounts do not require scheduling approval.
    3. Committee Chairs must contact JLM Office Manager Jamie Goodgame ( to reserve all Headquarters meeting rooms. Chairs can verify room availability by using the Room Reservations calendar on Digital Cheetah.


  1. Member Health
    1. Any JLM member with COVID-19 symptoms must not attend any in-person event, meeting, or volunteer shift until they are free of symptoms and cleared by a health care provider.
    2. Any person with a temperature above 100.4oF must not attend meetings/events or otherwise be present at JLM Headquarters, must leave the premises, and must not return until they are free of symptoms and cleared by a health care provider.
    3. Should a member test positive for COVID-19, or be exposed to an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19, while also having come in contact with other League members or community partners, it is requested the member notify Executive Vice President Heather Martin ( All matters will remain confidential unless public health authorities order otherwise.


  1. Building Guidelines
  1. Until further notice, JLM Headquarters will be closed to non-members and renters.
  2. Mabee Hall will be accessible for large committee meetings (40 members maximum).
  3. The Board Room, Carrel Room, and Tumbleweed Room will be accessible for small committee meetings (2-4 members).
  4. In-person meetings must be made available via Zoom to members who do not feel comfortable attending in person.
  5. No other rooms are to be used during committee meetings at JLM Headquarters. This includes the playroom. Until further notice, JLM will not allow children in the building. Members should make other arrangements for their children or join the meeting via Zoom.
  6. Only one meeting is allowed to take place in Mabee Hall at a time.
  7. Only the League Member (workroom) entrance should be made accessible to committee members to limit the flow of traffic.
  8. Screening procedures should be conducted at the League Member entrance.
  9. Hand sanitizer should be placed at the League Member entrance and committee members should be asked to sanitize hands upon arrival.
  10. Tables and chairs in Mabee Hall should not be moved at any time.
  11. Water fountain is unavailable for use until further notice.


  1. Screening Procedures
    1. Upon arrival to the building, members shall answer a questionnaire before they enter the building.
    2. Chairs will meet committee members at the League Member entrance with a questionnaire.
    3. The questionnaire will be made available through a QR code and posted at the League member entrance for members to complete on their phones. The questionnaire may also be accessed through a link on the member’s Digital Cheetah home page.
  2. Masks
    1. The Junior League of Midland will follow all mask requirements as set by the State of Texas and City of Midland.
    2. As of July 14, 2020, masks are recommended while being present at JLM Headquarters.


  1. Hand sanitizer
    1. Hand sanitizer will be located at the League Member entrance, Mabee Hall, workroom table, and the office manager reception window.


  1. Disinfecting
    1. It will be the Committee Chair’s responsibility to wipe down tables and chairs at the end of the meeting as well as any frequently touched areas/objects (door handles, countertops, light switches etc.)
    2. Sanitizing supplies will be provided and can be found in the kitchen and on the workroom counter. Please make sure you return the supplies where you found them.
    3. Sanitizing supplies will include bleach spray and/or disinfecting wipes.
  • Do not use bleach spray on any fabric, tablecloths, carpet, or upholstered chairs.
  • Reusable spray bottle (16 oz.) should be mixed with 2 teaspoons bleach and filled with water.
  • Bleach and additional spray bottles are in the kitchen.
    1. The Operations Chairman will schedule routine cleaning and disinfecting of the building including all meeting rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. This does not excuse committee chairmen from sanitizing meeting rooms after a committee meeting.
    2. JLM groups that use linens for meetings or events are responsible for laundering and returning them after their use. Members will not be reimbursed for dry cleaning.


  1. Social Distancing
    1. All groups shall maintain distance requirements as set by the CDC, including:
  • Tables should be arranged to maximize distance between attendees.
  • Members should be 2 empty chairs apart.


  1. Food and Beverages
    1. Beverages with a secure lid are allowed at Headquarters.
    2. Only pre-packaged, individual meals may be catered at Headquarters. No buffets.