Member Information

Requirements of Provisional Membership

  • Pay tax-deductible annual dues ($120) and a Provisional fee ($150).
  • Attend 4 of 6 Provisional Meetings and 6 of 8 General Membership Meetings.
  • Complete several training assignments, including, but not limited to, minute-taking, meeting set-up/clean-up, and article writing.
  • Volunteer at 2 community placement shifts in the Fall (August – November).
  • Complete Spring Placement from January to April.
  • Complete 1 Fundraising Shift.
  • Complete 1 Volunteer in Midland Shift.

Annual Duties of Active Membership

  • Pay tax-deductible annual dues ($120) and annual Ways and Means fee ($150).
  • The League’s programs and activities are accomplished through committees. Every Active member is placed on a committee for the duration of a League year (June 1 to May 31). Active members have a voice in their committee placements. It is expected that Active members actively and satisfactorily participate in committee activities.
  • Attend 3 of 7 General meetings.
  • Work one (1) event shift during the League year at the League’s fundraising or other project(s) as designated annually. Management shall determine the length of the shift.
  • Complete 2 volunteer shifts through Volunteers in Midland

Sustaining Membership

An Active member may elect Sustaining membership after seven years of Active service to the League. We have no age limit for Active members. All requests for this change must be made in writing to the Membership Vice President before April 1st. The member must end the fiscal year in good standing to go Sustaining. There are no service obligations for Sustaining Members.